NetMed Simplicity

NetMed Simplicity

NetMed Simplicity

What is NetMed Simplicity?

NetMed Simplicity is a dynamic, responsive and SEO friendly NetInPractice Template. It takes the name from NetInPractice Medical Templates and the simple as in easy to understand and not complicated. Medical web sites according to research and our experience based on the e-patients has to clear, easy to understand and not complicated

In  medical design, the most important factors are the trust and user friendliness.

Therefore a medical design should signal trust and feeling of easiness to users. That is what we created with this design thanks to e-patient researches and surveys.

Who Should Use this template?

NetMed Simplicity is primarily for;

The design implements the simplicity princible which signals trust to the users.


It has preconfigured Home, About Us, Services, Contact and optional Blog pages in 2 languages of your choice. You can edit the page titles, page content, social media links and the map as if you edit a word document. 

What Comes with NetMed Simplicity?

What Comes free with the design

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